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2010-04-25 01:30:41 by Paradyme

I'm still sort of new here, but I don't think its worth sticking around. From what i see on people's songs. I don't think this website really helps judge music, just a bunch of children with biased opinions and immature behavior.

Wow, and I actually thought I could get help on my music from this place. Sorry, but bye. Just posted my last song, which I might delete, of course. Matters on if i could get some normal criticism for it.


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2010-06-09 11:09:05

it does judge ur music. its just tht some people like being retardz and vote 0 for some stupid reason. U should not let em push u away :) even the best songs people vote 0 just because its not there style. u do have talent :)

P.S. Some people are immature cause there balls havent dropped yet :p


2010-06-09 11:45:31

If you want constructive criticism look to the forums. There is a review club, post on that thread the song you want reviewed. Also, the Audio Portal is kind of a waste. Look to the forums first for any help, it's actually moderated.


2010-06-10 00:24:29

dude,i completely agree.there isn't anything more annoying than zero bombers .


2010-06-18 12:45:08

sorry you feel that way, but there is a plan to rehaul the audio portal, and maybe it will be more to your liking then.

nice beats btw.